What to Expect

Focused on your priorities

The Client Values We Partner With

Our clients include successful individuals and their families who are typically three to five years away from retirement or who may already be enjoying their retirement. Our years of experience—combined with a highly personalized level of service—allow us to provide structured and customized financial plans for our clients. Although each client is different, with their own unique goals and concerns, there are some commonalities among them, including:

We want to work with those who have made it a point to save their money and understand the value of long term financial goals and want to work with us to stay on track. Our clients have achievable goals, are willing to live within their means, and are good stewards of their wealth.

We partner with successful individuals who are open and receptive to following our advice and recommendations. We take the time to educate our clients and approach our relationship as a partnership in which we are both actively engaged. At the same time, we want our clients to be able to spend less time on their finances and more time doing what they truly enjoy.

Although we are well positioned to accept new clients, we have maintained a disciplined growth strategy that allows us to maintain close relationships with our clients, getting to know each of them personally, including their goals and dreams for the future.

Getting to Know each other

What To Bring To Our First Meeting

We like to think of our first meeting as an information exchange. We take this time to focus on getting to know you so that we can identify what you feel is important as well as who you are financially. It is also extremely important that you are comfortable with us, so we encourage you to come with all of your questions and ask away! In order for us to provide the best service, we ask that you gather the following for our first conversation:

Monitoring Progress & Taking Action

Partnering Together in Your Retirement

Once we decide to work together, it is important for us to gather more information so that we can analyze it and propose appropriate solutions.

This information includes, but is not limited to:

  • All of the information gathered during our initial conversation
  • A completed Client Profile Worksheet

We will provide you with a checklist prior to our meeting so that you can be sure that you are gathering all the necessary information. If you agree with our solutions, we will then take action and continue to review the progress of your accounts.